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Joint Effects Solutions

Joint Effects Solutions is a specialist consultant providing advice and professional services for clients from Government, Defence Industry and the Space Industry.
We provide services across two key streams, Defence and Space.  Our Defence work delivers bespoke solutions in the areas of Joint Fires and Effects (all domains), Joint Targeting, and complex Live Firing Exercises. In the Space stream, we offer clients advice in the design, planning and implementation of critical safety and compliance frameworks to support successful Space Launches and Returns.


Alwyn Payne

Alwyn Payne

Managing Director

Alwyn is a senior consultant with 30 years of Defence experience. He is an ADF Multi-Domain Strike specialist with expertise leading the design, planning and execution of some of the ADF and its partners most complex live firing events. Alwyn has a proven track record of bringing teams of experts together to analyse problems, develop options, then execute comprehensive plans to realise strategic and operational outcomes.

In 2021 Alwyn was the Lead Designer, Lead Planner and Execution Lead (Director of Practice) for the Exercise Talisman Sabre 2021 Live Fire Exercise; one of the ADF’s most complex live firing exercises in the past 30 years. In this role he coordinated over 80 Australian and partner stakeholder groups, incorporating numerous advanced and first time capabilities on Australian ranges (including the Patriot Air Defence Missile System, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and HIMARS).

Since establishing Joint Effects Solutions in 2022, Alwyn has delivered command support and coaching services on numerous brigade level exercises as an expert in Joint Fires, Effects and Targeting. He also provided support to one of Australia’s first space launch campaigns in Port Lincoln, providing specialist advice to the Australian Space Agency’s Launch Safety Officer, drawing on his advanced skills in coordinating complex military rocket and missile firings.

Alwyn has the knowledge and experience to support Australian capability development in the Defence and Space industries during one of the most ambitious periods in Australia’s history.

Our Values are


Joint Effects Solutions exists to work with clients to solve their most complex, or challenging problems. Against defined customer needs, we will work with stakeholders to ensure client’s needs and intent are understood, keeping focused on the ‘why’ or the big picture. We will consider success to be defined by developing practical, clear pathways for execution by either our team or our client’s team. Joint Effects Solutions believes that the team is much stronger than its parts and has the expertise to guide and build outputs that realise strategic level goals. The team at Joint Effects Solutions builds on clear client guidance to ensure the stakeholder group are aware of the big picture and their role in it. Communication is at the heart of what we do – up, across and down. We focus on building the client’s capability, not our own self-interest. We believe that your success is the best reflection of our ability and will keep our clients updated at every step of the shared journey.


Joint Effects Solutions operates with clients in a transparent and open manner. Clients can be sure that our actions and behaviours are aligned to the security clearances we hold. We will share only what clients ask us to share and will stand by our word.  Joint Effects Solutions staff build on the military values they lived during their time in Service.  Integrity and transparency is central to our services. Our word is our commitment. We are not interested in underhandedness, agendas or selfishness.

Experts in Our Field

Joint Effects Solutions offers some of the most qualified staff in their fields. All have decades of military experience and understand the criticality and complexity of turning large scale ideas into actionable activities. Our people and partners remain proficient and current in Defence and Industry best practice. We merge decades of experience in solving complex problems with passion to push through established norms and deliver world class outcomes.


Joint Effects Solutions conducts its own detailed analysis of tasks to identify the main effort, as well as the supporting efforts. We seek efficiencies and opportunities to enhance client’s achievable objectives. We will not just complete tasks, but deliver real capability that is repeatable, sustainable and scalable.  Joint Effects Solutions staff are forward looking and seek to maximise client’s return on the investment they place in us. We are not happy to just get across the line, and aim to create outputs that showcase how Joint Effects Solutions can build lasting capability where clients are resource poor.

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