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Providing specialist consulting advice and professional services to Government, Defence and Space industries.

At Joint Effects Solutions we refer to Joint in the context of Defence and Government capabilities, and Effects as the outcomes we seek to achieve through the application or employment of those capabilities.
Joint Effects Solutions – solutions achieved through the application of Defence and Government capabilities to achieve a desired outcome.


Joint Effects Solutions

Joint Effects Solutions exists to help clients in Government, Defence and Space Industries solve their most complex and challenging problems. We pride ourselves on being collaborative, trusted experts in the fields of complex military exercises, advanced live firing activities, capability development and safety support for space launch and recovery campaigns. Our staff are some of Australia’s most experienced experts, with decades of experience solving problems and managing risk for Defence. 
We understand the criticality of turning ambitious ideas into reality and have the results to prove it. Joint Effects Solutions’ staff are comfortable taking on big challenges and breaking ground, we know that reaching never before levels of capability requires a detailed understanding of client goals and intent, matched with determination and initiative to succeed. Communication is at the heart of all that we do, and we look forward to working through your problems together. 


How Joint Effects Solutions helps our clients

We provide specialist advice and consulting in the following areas

Joint Effects and Targeting

Our experienced staff know and can design and deliver innovative individual and collective training specialising in the ADF's Joint Effects and Targeting Systems from the strategic to the tactical level.

Live Firing

The Joint Effects Solutions team have decades of experience designing, planning and delivering some of the ADF's most complex live firing exercises, including introducing new and advanced capabilities on Australian ranges.

Space Launch and Recovery

We have contemporary experience working directly on some of Australia's early space launches to provide space launch safety services. Joint Effects Solutions will play a part in this new and exciting industry from planning to execution.

Concept Development

With significant understanding of the operational and tactical Joint Fires and Effects capabilities, we can support concept development and capability implementation across a broad spectrum of Defence capabilities.


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